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Extranet portals bundle communication and services to customers, partners and suppliers via a central web platform. The SAP-based VANTAiO Extranet Portal is a pre-configured and template-based solution that provides integrated access to information, documents and processes. Among other things, companies can provide information directly online, documents are easily exchanged. Customers, partners and suppliers receive a comprehensive self-service and can, for example, view orders and master data or execute order confirmations online. The direct connection to processes in the company ensures a professional continuity in the information and process flow.

Competitive Advantage "Excellent Service"

Dedicated service and targeted cooperation with external partners are two of the most important keys to business success. An extranet portal presents all relevant information and applications in a clear and user-friendly way. Saving time while in the meantime increasing the quality. Thus, smooth interaction and cooperation across company boundaries becomes a reality.

As variable as goal setting and addresses.

Various forms of extranet portals and resulting requirements.

Customer / Service Portal

customer/service portal
  • Access to service and support services
  • Tracking orders, deliveries and availability
  • Overview of transactions
  • Personalized customer offers
  • System for orders, repeat orders, recommendations

Retail Portal

retail portal
  • Provision of the most important product information at the point of sale (PoS)
  • Very simple use of information and services, even in branches with a rapidly changing workforce
  • High-performance and secure connection to the corporate infrastructure

Supplier Portal

supplier portal
  • Supplier information
  • Integration of suppliers in the ordering process
  • Support of the bidding process
  • New types of application processes, e.g. bidding auctions
  • Digital platform for collaboration and document exchange
  • Supplier self-services

Partner Portal

partner portal
  • Special work areas for the internal selling center as well as involved partners
  • Efficient "onboarding" and "enablement" through efficient knowledge transfer
  • Cooperation in joint, interdisciplinary projects and campaigns

Convince yourself of how you can improve your service with the VANTAiO Extranet Portal and lay the foundation for profitable cooperation.

All under one roof:
Content, documents, applications and collaboration

More efficient communication and service

Shorter response times by using live chat or commenting, clear overview of all contacts with direct contact, simplified project work through virtual rooms.

Latest News

Flexible presentation of current news on various devices, all relevant information clearly presented.

All relevant documents

Central and secure access to all relevant documents anytime and anywhere, role-based authorization system and various workspaces.

More efficient processes

Increasing data and information quality through electronic processes and self-services such as view orders and master data, online order confirmations or tracking.

Ten challenges for a successful extranet portal

Demands and priorities of users are more difficult to assess

The users are external users who are not employees of the company. Continuous feedback mechanisms are rarely established. What is important to these users?

Very good user experience required

The use of the solution should be possible without in-depth introduction or training. Intuitive navigation, usability and look & feel are very important in the extranet.

Applications expect web standards

Users expect typical web interfaces for application or transaction services in the extranet. SAP UI techniques from internal use (SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, ...) are to be checked for their use suitability.

Response time behavior for globally distributed users

Challenge: A lot of potential locations, Internet connection of the user plays a very important role. Good network performance (low data transfers, optimized requests on backend applications).

Device diversity. Multi-device and multi-browser support

Depending on the nature of the extranet portal and the targeted target group, many device and browser classes must be taken into account for access. This is especially true for extranet solutions in the B2C area. 

Security requirements due to Internet visability

High security standards required, especially as a backend connection is required. Frequent external review (pen test, audits ...). Delegated administration of access shifts a (human) partial responsibility to the customer or supplier.

Self-registration and authentication

Users can register (optional: self-registration) and receive an authentication for special content (or download areas) or applications (shops / eCommerce, forms, reports) via your login.

Anonymous access to public content and applications

Sub-segments of an extranet portal should often be visible to the public without authentication on the Internet. This can be a complete web presence, or just initial information or pre-printed pages for the actual extranet portal.

Holistic content and interactivity

Exciting extranet solutions require a wide variety of content: static and dynamic web content, application integration, Pusk mechanisms, such as RSS or newsletter.

Interaction with the Intranet Portal or Digital Workplace

Mapped processes and information units in the extranet almost always have a counterpart on the intranet. This must be taken into account in the design so that a continuous process chain is created.

This is what your VANTAiO Extranet Portal might look like.

Your VANTAiO Extranet Portal makes communication and collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers easy. An extensive content package, supplemented by suitable modules, is immediately ready for use and can be extended as desired by request. So "perfect service" is not just a concept for you, but is lived consistently.

  • VANTAiO Extranet Portal based on SAP

    Example Customer Portal: Current tenders at a glance

  • VANTAiO Extranet Portal based on SAP

    Example Customer Portal: The customer account always under control

  • VANTAiO Extranet Portal based on SAP

    Example Customer Portal: Answer to all important questions always in the access

  • VANTAiO Extranet Portal based on SAP

    Example Customer Portal: Convenient access to applications and self services

  • VANTAiO Extranet Portal based on SAP

    Example Customer Portal: User-friendly search for orders

Convince yourself of how you can specifically gear your VANTAiO Extranet Portal to the respective target group – whether customers, partners, dealers or suppliers.

Extranet portal tablet

Adapts to your target groups.
And not the other way around.

The VANTAiO workFrame provides the perfect framework for your extranet portal and makes communication with external users easy. Most important feature is its flexibility and adaptability to the respective contents.

The workFrame provides all the necessary functionalities in a clear way – and on varied, from the PC to the tablet to the smartphone. This way, you guarantee the best service and complete information.

Self-services and information.
Simply presented in an appealing way.

The key to the success of an extranet portal is its user-friendly information and service offer. For this purpose, professional content, basic technological modules and integrated applications must work together optimally.

The VANTAiO portalManager provides the operators and contact persons from IT and the specialist departments with the simple maintenance of the extranet portal. With just a few clicks content can be created, structures modified or applications integrated into the extranet.

extranet portal editor
extranet portal new order

Integrate external partners.
User friendly and efficient

Perfectly tailored to your customers and business partners: All processes and information are clearly structured and regulated.

The optimal integration of all necessary applications is guaranteed by the VANTAiO workflowManager. Using standardized interfaces, almost any workflow engine can be integrated and then edited with the device of choice by a user.

Convince yourself of how you can optimize communication and processes with the VANTAiO Extranet Portal.

You need full range?
Extranet Portal for smartphones.

extranet portal employee app

Whether customer, retailer, supplier or partner portal: Your individual extranet portal can also be realized without any problems as a mobile solution.

Found to be good and in use. Credentials.

Preconfigured and at the same time individually adaptable: The VANTAiO Extranet Portal offers you everything you need for cooperation and communication with external contact persons.


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