Structured, comprehensive
and always in real time

VANTAiO Reporting Portal based on SAP – ready-to-run!

Executives, management and subject matter experts need forecasts, metrics, and reporting that align with individual workflows to help them make informed decisions – all in real time. The VANTAiO Reporting Portal based on SAP is the ideal platform to have operational reporting clearly arranged and practical for different target groups and users. The flexible role and authorization concept of the VANTAiO Reporting Portal enables every division to present relevant reports, evaluations, ad-hoc queries, dashboards, BI applications, etc. clearly and to make them quickly and easily accessible. Through appropriate interpretation and processing of structured and unstructured data, you can carry out evaluations at any level of detail and use them immediately for your business processes. In addition, you can create your own dashboards, add to control charts, and track key indicators within defined tolerance ranges. This will allow you to assess the extent to which business performance meets set goals and how business strategy translates into day-to-day business.

Everything in accord

Everything always in view. The "People", "Applications", "Documents" and "Content" are comprehensively considered and covered in every VANTAiO portal solution:

  • People: Overview of teams and structures and direct contact with the responsible contact persons
  • Applications: All applications and self-services required for accurate reporting and targeted decision making are presented transparently and with immediate access
  • Documents: Intuitive and effective access to data and information through integration with SAP Visual Business Analytics, clear folder structure for document-based report delivery, e.g. BEx Analyzer files or PDF documents
  • Content: The most important business parameters at a glance and in real-time, role and authorization-based delivery of evaluations and reports
reporting portal everything in view

With certainty the correct decision

Dynamic developments in the global market and in the specific business environment require rapid reaction and thoughtful action. An up-to-date overview of all key data is essential for this. None of the relevant facts must be disregarded, an exact analysis of the initial situation is essential. A reporting portal provides the required information in real time – clear, structured and stationary.

Objective: Integrity and consistency.

Purposefully selected information for all involved areas.

Supervisory board/ supervisory council

Reporting portal areas

Top-level KPIs with strategic connection, semi-annually

Board / Management

Reporting portal areas

Monthly management reporting, top-level KPIs, management summary, commentary, detailed figures

Controlling / Finance

Reporting portal areas

All data and information with control reference for the company

Faculty / Department

Reporting portal areas

All data and information with control reference for the department

More than just numbers – what does a modern reporting portal have to do?

  • data availability
  • calculating speed
  • digitization value chain
  • identification of correlation
  • mobile and portable
  • prognosis and simulation
  • data availability

    More internal / external, structured / unstructured data.

  • calculating speed

    Information is available to the management in real-time.

  • digitization value chain

    More internal / external, structured / unstructured data.

  • identification of correlation

    Improving understanding for markets and customers.

  • mobile and portable

    Information is available everywhere for management.

  • prognosis and simulation

    Higher automation in forecasting and decisions. Unified Endpoint Workplace

This is what your VANTAiO Reporting Portal could look like

Your VANTAiO Reporting Portal offers you the ideal basis for sound business decisions. An extensive content package, supplemented by suitable modules, can be used ready-to-run and can be extended as desired by request. This way, you always have all important key figures, analyses and facts conveniently in view.

  • Reporting portal landing page
  • Reporting portal KPI
  • Reporting Glossary
  • Reporting documents
  • reporting connected devices
  • Reporting web analytics
  • Reporting KPI
  • Reporting portal forecast liquiduity
  • Reporting search
reporting portal tablet

Adapts to your decision-making.
And not the other way around.

The VANTAiO workFrame provides the perfect framework for your reporting portal and provides an overview of the most important key figures. Most important feature is its flexibility and adaptability to the respective contents.

The workFrame provides all the necessary functionalities in a clear way - and on varied devices, from the PC to the tablet to the smartphone. This way, you always have all the background information ready for far-reaching decisions.

More about the VANTAiO workFrame >

Key figures and key data.
Simply displayed and clearly visualized.

The deciding factor for the profitable use of a reporting portal is the up-to-date and comprehensible visualized database. For this purpose, professional content, basic technological modules and integrated applications must work together optimally.

The VANTAiO portalManager makes it easy for the operators and contact persons from IT and the specialist department to maintain the reporting portal. With just a few clicks content can be created, structures modified or applications integrated into the portal.

More about the VANTAiO portalManager >

reporting portal web analytics
reporting portal processes

Optimize decision-making processes.
Transparent for all involved.

No detail is left out: you always have complete access to all important management applications.

The optimal integration of all required applications is guaranteed by the VANTAiO workflowManager. Using standardized interfaces, almost any workflow engine can be integrated and then edited by a user with the device of choice.

More about the VANTAiO workflowManager >

You need full mobility?
Reporting Portal for the smartphone.

Analyzed and approved. Credentials.

Preconfigured and at the same time individually adaptable: The VANTAiO Reporting Portal offers everything you need for profitable business decisions.

Renowned companies already rely on it.

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