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and the human at the center

VANTAiO HR Portal based on SAP – ready-to-run!

Growing pressure from competition and innovation is increasingly affecting the HR department too: demands on communication, information and collaboration are increasing; a clear strategic orientation, optimum service and consulting combined with high efficiency are essential. The SAP-based VANTAiO HR Portal – awarded the German Design Award for Best User Experience – is a pre-configured, template-based solution that provides access to comprehensive HR content, applications and documents. It provides employees, managers and the HR department with central access to all relevant specialist information, services and processes. Around the clock and in every place. This allows the re-structuring and simplification of established operations and relieving the HR staff of time-consuming repetitive tasks. And it frees up capacities that can be used profitably for the further development of the HR area and the consultation of employees and executives.

Everything in accord

Everything always in view. The "People", "Applications", "Documents" and "Content" are comprehensively considered and covered in every VANTAiO portal solution:

  • People: Overview of internal teams and structures and direct contact with the appropriate contact persons
  • Applications: All major HR applications and self-services presented transparently and with immediate access
  • Documents: Clear filing structures and central access to all relevant documents
  • Content: All content required collected on one platform
HR Portal eveything in view

Strengthens the HR department

Often the self-image and the external image of the human resources department in the company diverge significantly and the performance and service portfolio is underestimated in the external perception. An HR portal not only ensures more efficient processes and relieves routine tasks, but also, in particular, ensures more transparency. The interdisciplinary cooperation with other entrepreneurs of the company is promoted and improved. This way, the transformation of the HR department is purposefully and profitably supported - and its position within the company strengthened.

Managers, HR, employees:
What do users wish for in an HR portal?

Specific information and optimal integration into relevant processes.


HR users

"I want internal HR partners who support me in my leadership position. For this, they need the necessary flexibility and time."


(New) employee
HR users

 “Especially at the beginning of a new job, it is important to quickly and easily find the right person to contact for personal questions."


HR Lead
HR users

"I want an intuitive platform that allows me to retrieve knowledge easily and quickly and pass it on to specific target groups."


HR Keynote speaker
HR users

"I want to reduce research time and consistently get up-to-date information, to work more effectively and provide optimal advice to employees."

All under one roof:
Content, documents, applications and collaboration

Optimized cooperation HR

Optimized cooperation

Support HR project work, department presentation and contact persons, staff index, organizational charts, social functions, e.g. black board or Wiki

Improved information HR

Improved information for all employees

Quick access to all HR-related topics, job market and training, health and sports offers, discount campaigns, eLearning

Support in the HR department

Support in the HR department

Easily deploy corporate and HR news, efficient and cross-functional search, task-based access to HR knowledge, provision of relevant documents and policies

More efficient HR processes

More efficient HR processes

ESS/MSS, personal data management, performance appraisal, work equipment (vehicles, etc.), travel management, ON/OFF boarding processes, employee development, absences, create HR workflows easily

This is how your VANTAiO HR Portal could look like

Your VANTAiO HR Portal supports you in the optimization of processes and communication channels. An extensive content package with a clear SAP HR focus, supplemented by suitable modules, makes you immediately ready to go and can be extended as you wish. The design is as modern as it is intuitive, making it easy for everyone to work with. For this, the VANTAiO HR Portal has been awarded the German Design Award.

  • HR Portal landing page
  • HR Portal content me, family and health
  • HR Portal Applications
  • HR Portal content working times & absences
  • HR Portal Content occupational pension scheme
  • HR Portal content part-time work
  • HR Portal content sports offers
  • HR documents
  • HR organigramm
  • HR time tracking
  • HR holiday request
  • HR team calendar
  • HR time evaluation
  • HR initial training
  • HR Portal people
  • HR Portal show business cards
  • HR Portal people organisation & contact
  • HR knowledge

Available in two user experiences

Different looks, but equally quick and easy to implement: The HR Portal is ready to run with VANTAiO freestyle or SAPUI5 user experience, implemented by our partner T.CON. Simply choose the version that best suits your initial conditions.


  • User experience hr portal freestyle
  • User experience hr portal freestyle
  • User experience hr portal freestyle
  • User experience hr portal freestyle

    SAPUI5 – powered by T.CON

    • User experience hr portal SAPUI5
    • User experience hr portal SAPUI5
    • User experience hr portal SAPUI5
    • User experience hr portal SAPUI5

      Structured and clear.
      Everything in the right place.

      The VANTAiO HR Portal provides central and thematic access to HR applications, documents, information and people - with a structure that everyone in the organization understands. All information and services have a fixed place, but they can be called up via different ways and are easy to find by the user.

      Tagging, for example, can be used to assign content to different categories, live search shows the best results, or via a learning navigation to display the most popular services of a particular group of users on a seasonal basis.

      HR Portal infographic
      HR Portal landing page

      Adapts to your personnel work.
      And not the other way around.

      The VANTAiO workFrame provides the perfect framework for your HR portal and makes communication in the human resources department simple. Most important feature is its flexibility and adaptability to the respective contents.

      The workFrame provides all the necessary functionalities in a clear way - and on the most diverse devices, from the PC to the tablet to the smartphone. So no question remains unanswered in your next meeting.

      More about the VANTAiO workFrame >

      Comprehensive HR information made easy.
      Content care as if by magic.

      A key factor for the success of an HR portal is a web content management suitable for everyday use. The users need work equipment that can be used intuitively and without technical training - this is ensured by the VANTAiO portalManager.

      Content modules of various kinds (SAP applications, texts, images, videos, etc.) can be easily entered and managed.

      More about the VANTAiO portalManager >

      HR portal editor
      HR Portal workflow editor

      Document processes.
      Map processes efficiently.

      Regulated processes create clarity and open spaces - this not only affects the presentation, but above all the underlying processes themselves.

      The optimal integration of all necessary applications is guaranteed by the VANTAiO workflowManager. Using standardized interfaces, almost any workflow engine can be integrated and then edited with the user’s device of choice.

      More about the VANTAiO workflowManager >

      You need full range?
      HR Portal for smartphones.

      HR portal german design award

      Awarded and found to be good.
      References and Awards.


      The SAP-based VANTAiO complete portal solution for human resources received the "Special Mention" award in the "Interactive User Experience" category at the German Design Awards 2017.

      No wonder that such renowned companies as Volkswagen, innogy or Union Investment already rely on the VANTAiO HR portal.

      More about the German Design Award for the VANTAiO HR Portal >

      More about customers and references >

      Further information

      VANTAiO HR Portal brochure

      VANTAiO HR Portal


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      VANTAiO HR Portal professional article

      VANTAiO HR Portal


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      VANTAiO HR Portal overview  presentation

      VANTAiO HR Portal overview


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      HR portal interview

      How does an HR portal become award-worthy?


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