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VANTAiO Digital Workplace based on SAP – ready-to-run!

A dynamic market environment and changing employee expectations of digital solutions are forcing companies to make work processes more flexible. The modern digital workplace should provide a central hub for communication, process and information – and thus the opportunity to increase collaboration, productivity and efficiency of employees. The SAP-based VANTAiO Digital Workplace, a role-based digital workstation, combines a variety of applications, services and information into one unified employee access and consolidation system. Various types of content are combined via the VANTAiO Digital Workplace into practice-relevant scenarios, which are based on typical work processes (use cases) of the respective user group. In short: IT presented in a way so that a user understands it too!

Everything in accord

Everything always in view. The "People", "Applications", "Documents" and "Content" are comprehensively considered and covered in every VANTAiO portal solution:

  • People: Central overview of teams and structures in the company and direct contact with all responsible contact persons
  • Applications: All applications and self-services relevant to the respective area presented transparently and with immediate access
  • Documents: Clear filing structures and central access to all required documents
  • Content: All interesting content collected on one platform
Everything in view

As flexible as the different work areas

Flexibility is trump: the modern workplace is less and less time and place bound. This requires the establishment of new communication channels and the central provision of information and applications. Suitable structures for a contemporary form of networking and collaboration must be laid. Routine work is automated to create more time and space for creative work.

The digital workplace for all tasks in the company.

From the "Blue Collar" – to the knowledge – all relevant content centrally available.

Routine activities

Routine activities

Standard transactions. But sometimes the requirements go beyond that.

Manual activities

Manual activities

Strong focus on intelligent automation. Keyword: Industry 4.0

Individual activities

Individual activities

All activities in the company are becoming more and more individualized.

Knowledge activities

Knowledge activities

Complex questions. Often a team is needed for the solution.

Evolutionary stages of the Digital Workplace

  • Step 1: Basic Intranet
  • Step 2: Extended Intranet
  • Step 3: Basic Digital Workplace
  • Step 4: Digital Workplace
  • Step 1: Basic Intranet

    • Company news
    • Information
    • Knowledge
    • Department and range presentations/introduction
    • Basic search
  • Step 2: Extended Intranet

    • Support of cooperation in the company
    • First integration of processes and applications
    • Employee profiles
    • Personalization
    • Dynamic content and information
  • Step 3: Basic Digital Workplace

    • Extended collaboration
    • Deep integration of processes and applications
    • Comprehensive search
    • Joint processing of information
    • Social media
  • Step 4: Digital Workplace

    • Central access to all information, applications and processes
    • End devices and location-independent use possible
    • Comprehensive support of cooperation
    • Intelligent filtering of information
    • Integration of processes and applications
    • Bundling of all messages in an activity stream

This is what your VANTAiO Digital Workplace might look like

Your VANTAiO Digital Workplace makes your step towards the "Workplace of the future" easy. An extensive content package, supplemented by matching modules, makes you immediately ready to go and can be added as desired by request. The modern, clear and intuitive design ensures acceptance and fun at work.

  • Digital Workplace landing page
  • Digital Workplace my news
  • Digital Workplace Content IT portal
  • Digital Workplace Content software
  • Digital Workplace media maintenance
  • Digital Workplace system status
  • Digital Workplace portal statistics
  • Digital Workplace documents media maintenance
  • Digital Workplace pixelboxx
  • Digital Workplace editor mode
  • Digital Workplace Editor Mode Drag&Drop
  • Digital Workplace Applications
  • Digital Workplace Fiori Launchpad
  • Digital workplace time book corrections
  • Digital Workplace workflow modeling
  • Digital Workplace absence request

Standardized and clear.
But just as individual as your company.

The VANTAiO Digital Workplace provides central and thematic access to applications, documents, information and people – with a structure that everyone in the company understands. All information and services have a fixed place, but they can be called up via different ways and are easy to find by the user.

Tagging, for example, allows content to be assigned to different categories, live search to show the best results, or learning navigation to display the most popular services of a particular group of users on a seasonal basis.

Digital Workplace infographics
Digital workplace landing page

Adapts to your business.
And not the other way around.


The VANTAiO workFrame provides the perfect setting for your Digital Workplace and makes communication in the company easy. Most important feature is its flexibility and adaptability to the respective contents.

The workFrame provides all the necessary functionalities in a clear way - and on the most diverse devices, from the PC to the tablet to the smartphone. So you are well prepared for every work situation.

More about the VANTAiO workFrame >

Applications and content.
Simply set, integrated and explained.

Crucial for the long-term success of a digital workplace is its information and service offer For this purpose, professional content, basic technological modules and integrated applications must work together optimally.

The VANTAiO portalManager makes it easy for the operators and contact persons from IT and the specialist departments to take care of the digital workstation. With just a few clicks, content can be created, structures modified or applications integrated into the workplace.

More about VANTAiO portalManager >

Digital workplace editor
Digital workplace workflow

Processes efficiently designed.
And that quite individually.

 Where you are ready: all processes and information come directly to you – in a structured way and with regular processes.

The optimal integration of all necessary applications is guaranteed by the VANTAiO workflowManager. Using standardized interfaces, almost any workflow engine can be integrated and then edited with the user’s device of choice.

More about the VANTAiO workflowManager >

You need full mobility?
Digital Workplace for the smartphone.

Tested and found to be good. Credentials.

Preconfigured and at the same time individually adaptable: The VANTAiO Digital Workplace offers everything you need for a modern workplace.

Renowned companies already rely on it.

More about customers and references >

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VANTAiO Digital Workplace

VANTAiO Digital Workplace


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Digital workplace Professional article

The working world of tomorrow – the way from the desk to the digital workplace


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VANTAiO Digital Workplace at a glance

VANTAiO Digital Workplace at a glance


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VANTAiO Digital Workplace at a glance video

VANTAiO Digital Workplace at a glance

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